Memorial Danilo Re and General Assembly ALPARC 2021

Giovedì, 21 Gennaio 2021

The next Memorial Danilo Re will take place from 21 to 24th of January 2021 in the Les Ecrins, National Park in France. The place of the meeting and competition will be Le Monêtier les Bains close to Briançon in the northern part of the Park nearby the prestigious summits of “La Meje” and the “Pass de Lautaret and Galibier”

Already at January 20th a special event will be proposed for the 25th anniversary of ALPARC which has been created in 1995 within Les Ecrins National Park.
We will organise a “mini film festival” with video clips and short documentary films from your parks and open to the wider public of the region and visitors.
The whole event will take place by foot walk distance, so that once arrived, you don’t need your cars anymore. We will come up with more detailed information in the beginning of autumn. Inscriptions will be open on the website by late September.

Please find more information concerning the locality of the Memorial Danilo Re on this web page:

We are happy to welcome you in Les Ecrins National Park for the Memorial Danilo Re, the General Assembly of ALPARC and the 25th anniversary of international alpine cooperation among protected areas!

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