Testimonies to Climate Change

Montag, 14 September 2015

Climate change has consequences for mountain tourism. In the area occupied by the Écrins National Park/F, mountaineering is a major part of tourist activity in summer. Current climate change is a constraint on professionals, modifying landscapes and changing one particular perception of mountains.
Sound documents made by the Centre de l'Oralité alpine have assembled statements from mountain and tourist professionals, climate and glaciology specialists and foresters or local government officials...nothing of what they say is dotted with either gloom-mongering or denial; just experiences which give leads as to how we can try to adapt as closely as possible to local economic realities: an introduction to the debate.

Climate Change in the Alps  12:34
Climate Change: Findings in the Ecrins 09:37
Mountaineering and Climate Change: Adapting 09:31

Source: Ecrins National Park, F site: Pierres qui roulent
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